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  • Be nice 🍭

    💎 pussy tighter than a white woman's grip on her purse walking through a black neighborhood 💎

    💕unfriendly black hottie💕


    i have 3 moods for characters:

    • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
    • precious child must be protected at all costs 
    • complete trash yet ironically my favorite character


    "nice blog"

    thank you im really good at clicking reblog



    every medicine on the market is like

    pros: you’ll stop coughing

    cons: you might die

    my favorite side effect warning is for antidepressants

    pros: you won’t want to kill yourself

    cons: you might want to kill yourself


雨の日の柴犬 (via Shiba Inu in the rain - Imgur)
    Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga